Reece Grant AKA Don Teks (Don Tekkers) is a London based Black British multidisciplinary artist, realist, director, producer, screenwriter, designer and aesthete, which was born and raised in South East London, Lewisham. Reece specializes in directing and writing social realism, neo-noir, crime, drama, and dramedy films, he's passionate about mental health awareness and creating commercially accessible stories with a social commentary. In 2015, he got selected by National Youth Film Academy for their series "NYFA TOP 5 " which showcased their five five favourite UK film directors under the age of 25. This was broadcasted on all four of the "Made TV" regional TV channels, Reece's has been luck enough to be mentored by music video director "Rollo Jackson" and BAFTA Award winning producer "Dominic Buchanan".

Reece attended Thomas Tallis Secondary School (Art School), when he was in Year 9 his alternative career choice was to choose the business route, he had intentions of selecting Business Studies, lucky enough his art teacher Mr. O'brien was fascinated by his drawings, paintings and collages and saw the vision so he begged his mother at parents evening to select art or art and design as he believed Reece was extremely talented and his work was better than the majority of O'Brien's year 11 students. He told his mother he could go far and he shouldn't waste his artistic talent as he's one of the best artists in the school. Reece took Mr. O'Brien's advice and studied BTEC Art & Design and received 4 A*s.

Reece always had a love for art but due to his tunnel vision of being a professional footballer from a kid he never really thought of videography as a career, until he went went to GLYPT theatre and filmmaking workshop. 

Before Reece's art career he was mainly known for football, in 2011 he played for Crystal Palace F.C. Academy and was one of the best and skillfull footballers in his age group in his borough. He got the nickname Don Tekkers by his friends as he had the title of being the fastest runner, best footballer in his year from Year 7-11, and he always the most skillfull player on the pitches he played on. Reece represented Lewisham borough and Greenwich borough playing for Lewisham District and Blackheath District, passed his trial for London County and also got scouted by Arsenal, Millwall and Chelsea F.C. twice. He decided to end his career in 2011, when he snapped his Achilles heel and got released from Crystal Palace F.C, his achilles heel was an ongoing injury so he decided to quit and start a new chapter so he took O'Briens advice with pursuing a career in the arts industry. Reece selected A Level Media Studies, Photography and Graphics Communications at Christ the King College.

Reece loves photography, especially black and white photography, he got into photography through his uncle, Leighton Grant who's a professional photographer. He use to assist his uncle and borrow his camera for A level photography projects, for his 17th birthday he bought himself a Canon EOS D750 DSLR Camera, this camera is where Reece experimented his videography for his bestfriends music videos. He created a few music videos and the reception was great, he also learned how to edit. Reece recieved a B in A level photography, Photography and fashion has given Reece a sharp eye and eye for detail. Reece has a passion for fashion, both of his parents are also into fashion which has influenced on Reece from a young age. He plans to branch out into fashion, he's the co-founder of womenswear brand "BAD BEE" he plans to launch the brand by the end of the year with one of his bestfriends, Reece designed the yellow and black Bee logo for "BAD BEE". He also plans to launch his own brand and production company in the future.


For Reece's A level media studies coursework he had to create a horror trailer and horror poster, Reece was the cinematographer for the trailer and the graphic designer of the the horror poster and magazine cover. Reece really enjoyed the filmmaking and editing process, so he decided he wanted to apply for a degree in filmmaking. "TOPBOY" also came out in October 2011 and Reece was amazed by the storyline and really wanted to make his own short film set in the same world as he was also fan of "KIDULTHOOD" hood trilogy. Reece received a B in Media studies, he used his horror trailer and photography in his application for Film Schools, Universities and apprenticeships. He got accepted into his first choice, Met Film School and got shortlisted for a Warner Brother Studios apprenticeship, as they loved his horror trailer and his portfolio, Reece really wanted to do the Warner Brothers apprenticeship but his mother wanted Reece to take the traditional route of getting a degree so Reece attended Met Film School and studied a BA in Practical Filmmaking instead as the apprenticeship was out of London.

Reece learnt the basics of screenwriting, film directing, producing and video editing films during his BA Practical Filmmaking course, his tutors and teachers praised Reece for being one of the most talented screenwriters in the film school, and to pursue screenwriting over directing. At the end of Reece's first year he dropped out of his BA degree course and switched to the one year CertHE Practical Filmmaking course as the practical filmmaking courses were very expensive they cost over £23k a year and he felt money wasn't worth it. At the premiere graduation screening "THE HOOD" and two other short films received the best reception out of the fifteen, if it wasn't for Reece witnessing the impact his film had on the audience in the cinema he wouldn't of released it online as he's a perfectuionist and wasn't satisfied with the outcome due to being restricted with the storyline and not being allowed to use narration which he believed made the script better. Reece's proof of concept film was based on personal and true events he experienced in Lewisham. Reece wrote, directed, edited, and produced this short film when he was nineteen, "THE HOOD" is Reece's most successful film, the short film has amassed over 1.9 million Youtube views on his own channel.


Since then Reece has followed his Met Film School teachers advice and has pursued screenwriting, he has attended "Writing the pilot for TV" by script editor "Yvonne Grace" the author of "Writing for television - series, serials and soaps" and he has attended the screenwriting course "Fast track for writers, directors and producers" at Raindace. The majority of Reece's film and TV scripts are based on his personal events, true events, black culture and youth culture, his drama TV pilot scripts and "THE HOOD" have caught attention of the commissioners at Channel 4 and BBC. Reece's artwork and visuals are heavily influenced by realism, London, youth culture and his experiences on the streets of Lewisham. After years of perfecting his craft, Reece has found his own style, he has a very dark aesthetic and is very consistent with his tone and style and loves to include realism into his screenwriting, short films, TV pilots and music videos. His ambition is to be a world renowned auteur and to be a household name in the film and television industry and to branch out into fashion, music producing and songwriting.


Goodfellas, City of God, Fight Club, Pusher, Queen and Slim, Taken, The Dark Knight and Get Out


Gomorrah, Power, Snowfall, The Wire, Gangs of London and Top Boy


Friday, House Party, Superbad, Hangover and Do the right thing


Everybody Hates Chris, Big Bang Theory, My Wife and Kids, Sex Education and Atlanta


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