Life of L's (TV Series)

Created and written by Reece Grant and Josiah Mutupa


Leon and his friends stumble their way through secondary school taking L’s and shrugging them off. The main goal? A girlfriend. 


Short Synopsis:

Leon chases the wrong types of girls and keeps getting heartbroken, he realises towards the end of the series that the girl which has always been there for him, is his good friend Yasmin and he should’ve invited her to the school prom.


Comedy and drama (Dramedy)


Coming of age


TV series/returning series (6 x 20 minutes)

Estimated budget:

Micro Budget £135-180K

Talent attached:

Josiah Mutupa will be the main actor Leon, Josiah is represented by Curtis Brown and recently had his TV debut in episode 6 of Michaela Coel's BBC/HBO TV show 'I May Destroy You'.

TY Logan AKA Tyrell Morgan will be a supporting actor. Tyrell is also a comedian and has over 200k followers on Instagram.  

If you are interested in reading the one page pitch, treatment, pitch deck or pilot script for "Life of L's" feel free to contact

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