THE HOOD (Feature film)

Written by Reece Grant

THE HOOD will be my debut feature film, I will be director, writer and executive producer of THE HOOD.


South East London teenager Tyrone is in between gangs and football. Tyrone's trying to change his life around and chase his passion, hoping that new girlfriend Crystal will help him. Teenage gang member Junior (Crystal's Ex) finds out that Crystal is seeing a new guy (Tyrone), Junior’s very suspicious to find out who this guy is so he tries to find out more about him. Junior later finds out that Crystal’s new man is Tyrone, the guy who conned his gang, he gets jealous and seeks revenge.


Feature film


Crime and drama (Gangster/Hood movie)


Realism and gangster

1hr 45 minutes

Estimated budget:

£500K - £1M

Talent attached:

Joshua Duckrell

Joshua played the main actor "Tyrone" in my proof of concept film The Hood. 

​If you are interested in reading the one page pitch, treatment, pitch deck or feature film script for "THE HOOD" feel free to get in contact

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