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The Hood (Short film)

The Hood is a proof of concept film (15 minute realism/ crime drama short film) written, directed, edited and produced by myself.



South East London teenager Tyrone is in between gangs and football. Tyrone's trying to change his life around and chase his passion, hoping that new girlfriend Crystal will help him. Teenage gang member Junior (Crystal's Ex) finds out that Crystal is seeing a new guy (Tyrone), Junior’s very suspicious to find out who this guy is so he tries to find out more about him. Junior later finds out that Crystal’s new man is Tyrone, the guy who conned his gang, he gets jealous and seeks revenge.


The Hood is my most successful short film it has amassed over 1.9 Million views on my Youtube channel. 

The Confession (Short film)

The Confession is a drama short film (4 minute drama/voice over short film) written, directed, edited and produced by myself.

In 2018 I interned at a production company named Somesuch as I was mentored by Rollo Jackson, Rollo is a music video and commercials director who's represented by Somesuch. Somesuch challenge all of their interns to create a short film in 24 hours towards the end of the internship, the challenge was to write, direct shoot and edit a film in 24 hours. I'm a big fan of black and white photography and films, so I decided to create a black and white, narration based short film named "The Confession" the story is about woman who has had an affair and she confesses to her partner. In this film we hear how the woman feels by voice over.

The reasons I have not published this online is because the film doesn't match the same standard as "THE HOOD" and I'm not happy for the public to see it. However, I'm still happy with the outcome considering the actors had one hour to rehearse and they only read the script the night before, if I and the actors had more time I believe the acting, directing and the script would've been a lot better. 

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